Jérôme Dumetz, a cross-cultural expert

I provide expertise in communication between cultures.

For more than 15 years, I share my experience as a cross-cultural researcher of management practices, both as a University faculty member, and as an independent facilitator and consultant specialising in Eastern Europe business.

It is because I have lived in six countries, done business in countless more and speak four languages at home that I have naturally specialised in the field of cross-cultural studies. I now enjoy sharing my insights not only with students but also with professionals confronted with culturally-diverse environments.

Combining academic and consulting, I constantly update my lectures and publications with feedback from consulting. In parallel, I structure my training and coaching sessions with the latest concepts in the field of cross-cultural management.

About Cross-cultural management

Actually, the world is not globalised. Not yet. In fact, we are only experiencing the beginning of it. Today, not only goods but also Art, currencies, management theories and first of all people, are crossing borders. Because we are only at the beginning of this exponential acceleration, we all feel challenged to some degree.

Increasingly, executives, staff members or business students are and will be facing often-disturbing situations originating from a foreign culture. Although some people are naturally gifted in “swimming in foreign waters”, the majority does not think of it before facing a serious crisis.

A specialist of Cross-cultural Management, I provide my clients with a choice of tailor-made training and mentoring services to help management and staff act tactfully when facing culturally sensitive issues.

Besides providing tools in identifying cultural dimensions, these sessions are illustrated with real-life examples that give useful cultural hints. I also propose specific seminars to learning organisations wishing to introduce their students with up-to-date knowledge.

With an excellent feedback from participants, I look forward to designing new offers to organizations seeking support on their road to diversity.



Where I teach

The University of Economics
Prague, Czech Republic

Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economy
Moscow, Russia

Wurzburg, Germany

Unicorn College
Prague, Czech Republic


Steyr, Austria

GSOM, St Petersburg State University

FH Roseinhem

FH Bad Mergentheim


Guest speaker

ESSEC Business School
Paris, France

AIBEc (American Institute of Business and Economics)
Moscow, Russia

Christ University
Bangalore, India

ESCE (Ecole Supérieure de Commerce Extérieur)
Paris, France

HTW Dresden

EMLV (Ecole de Management léonard de Vinci)
Paris, France

Mirbis Institute
Moscow, Russia

Négocia (CCIP)
Paris, France

IAE-Aix (Institut des Affaires et d’Economie)
Aix-en-Provence, France

Bangalore, India

Ecole Centrale

Manchester Metropolitan University, UK


What I teach


    • Cross Cultural Management Basic course (Bachelor)
    • Cross Cultural Management Advanced course
    • International HRM
    • Organizational Behaviour

And also:

    • Doing Business in Russia – Advanced course
    • PESTEL analysis of Eastern Europe